5. ZOROASTER – about 1000 BC

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Zoroaster was born on the wide, flat plains, lying to the north of Iran about 3,000 years ago. Later in His life people said that the whole village had been filled with light on the night He was born.
The people there, used to worship idols made of wood or stone and they believed in magic. When Zoroaster told the people that God had sent Him to teach them about the One God whom no-one can see, they did not believe Him and nobody accepted Him.
At last after ten years of patiently teaching the people, the king invited Zoroaster to speak to the important people who were at the king’s palace. Zoroaster knew that this was a very important day in His teaching work. He knew that if the king accepted His message everyone else in Iran would accept Him. Zoroaster invited the king and his courtiers to believe in the one true God. The king accepted this message and soon after this the queen and princess followed Him. In this way after a while most of the people in Iran started to follow the teachings of Zoroaster. He taught the people to have good thoughts, good deeds and good words. Many of the people became great rulers, prophets, artists and craftsmen. Their carpets, steel blades and pottery were world-famous. To this day the ruins of their wonderful statues and buildings can be seen in Iran.
Zoroaster foretold that the world would have three thousand years of troubles before God would send another Manifestation, the World Saviour Who would come. He would overcome the spirit of evil and bring honourable living and peace to the world.
Activity. Have the children write and facilitator write for those who cannot :-
Good Thoughts Good Deeds Good Words
on the centre of a sheet of paper and then decorate around the words to make them look beautiful. Perhaps the children might like to draw flowers, birds and butterflies. Colour them in.