7.The Sailors and the Storm

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One of the things we all have to learn is Obedience. When someone knows better than we do, it
is wise to listen to what they say. We first learn to listen to our parents. Step by step we find that
there are other people we need to obey and the most important thing is to obey God. We learn
obedience by obeying those who are wiser than we are.

There was once a Captain of a big fishing boat. Everyone said that he was the best! All his men
respected him, listened to him and did what he said. When there was a storm the men obeyed the
Captain and came through without a problem. Sometimes they did not understand why the
Captain told them to do this or that, but they knew that he knew what he was doing and so they
obeyed him. Some years passed and many of the older sailors retired. New sailors came in to
take their place. They thought that the old captain was old fashioned and not ‘cool’. They
thought that they knew better than the Captain and they did not like to listen to anyone. They had
not listened to their parents and in school they had not listened to their teachers. They did not
want to listen to anyone. So these were the kind of sailors that had signed on to go fishing. The
ship sailed out of the harbour at night and the stars shone in the black sky. The sailors who were
on duty remained awake and everyone else went to sleep. After some hours a warning came
through on the radio that there was a terrible storm coming. The bells rang for all the crew to go
to their special places. This is when the trouble started. Many of the new crew did not want to
get up and when they did put on their life-jackets they did not remember where they must go.
They shouted to their friends and just did what they thought best, and did not remember what the
Captain had told them. In the bad storm the waves washed sea-water into the boat and the
engines stopped. Now the boat was powerless! The storm blew the boat onto the rocks. The
Captain ordered the men into the life-boats. Many sailors managed to get into the life-boats, but
some who had not listened had not tied their life-jackets properly. The waves threw them onto
the rocks and they died. It was a tragedy. If they had all listened to the wise Captain the boat
might have been saved and no-one would have drowned.

In the same way we need to listen to the Manifestations of God and do what they say. They
know what is best for us and if we listen we will do well.