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One day a monkey was sitting in the branches of a tree near the river bank when he noticed two men walking along carrying a huge heavy net between them.


“What are these men going to do?”  he wondered and he sat watching them very carefully.


First the two men sat on the bank talking and pointing this way and that.  After some time one man rolled up his trousers and then lifted up part of the net and started wading into the river.  He slowly made his way to the middle of the river and then back towards the bank, further downstream still holding the net.  There he climbed out of the water onto the bank and sat holding onto the net.  His friend sat holding the other end.  They sat there for some while.  Then suddenly there was a big splashing in the river and the monkey could see that they had caught a huge fish in the net.  The men struggled to get the net onto the bank and then to get the fish out of the net.  When they had done that they hurried home with the fish, leaving their net in a pile on the river bank


As soon as the men had gone the inquisitive monkey climbed down from the tree and went carefully up to the net.  “If I throw this net into the river,” he thought.  “I will be able to catch a fish too!”  Then he started pulling at the net.  He pulled this way and that and soon got himself entangled in the net.  As he struggled he got nearer and nearer to the river.  If he had fallen in, all tangled in the net he would have drowned.  Luckily for him, a man came along just then.  He was surprised to see the monkey struggling in the net.  Having a kind heart, the man pulled the net away and the monkey was able to run to safety.  “I was  lucky to escape,” thought the monkey.  “In future I must be careful not to mess with things I don’t understand!”


Moral:- If you get yourself into something you don’t understand you may very well be sorry for it.