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One very hot day the lion walked down to the pool to drink because he was very thirsty.  As he came near the pool he saw a big wild boar standing on the other side.  “Get out of my way,” growled the lion. “I will drink first.”


“No, you won’t,” said the boar.  ”I was here first so I will drink first.”


“No, no you won’t,” said the lion.  “I am more important than you are, so I will drink first.”


“I have bigger teeth than you,” said the boar, “and I know how to use them!”


Just then they heard the swoop of wings and looking up they saw several enormous vultures landing in the trees nearby.  The vultures looked frightening with their huge outspread wings, humped backs and staring eyes.  They had wrinkled bare necks and hooked beaks like great fishing hooks.  Why were they there?


The lion looked at the boar and the boar looked at the lion.  They both knew that the vultures gather when an animal dies.  Dead animals are their food.


The lion said, “If we fight and I kill you, or you kill me, the vultures will be happy.  They saw us quarrelling and that is why they are here.”


“Yes,” said the boar.  “We must stop quarrelling, have a drink and go on our way.  It is better to stop quarreling than to be food for the vultures.”


Moral:- It is better to be friends than to quarrel.