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One day a big lion caught a tiny mouse and wanted to eat it.  ”Oh!  Please Mr. Lion spare my life.  I am so tiny that I would not satisfy your hunger, and perhaps one day I will be able to help you.”  The big lion roared with laughter.  “What!  A tiny mouse like you, help me?  But I like your courage.  I will let you go, but go quickly before I change my mind!” 


A long time later the big lion was walking along a path through the grass, looking for a nice buck to eat.  He did not know that a hunter had gone that way a little while before, and had set a trap to catch game.  As the lion walked along he walked right into the trap.  The very strong net just closed around him and he was caught.  He struggled and struggled to get out of the net, but the more he struggled the tighter and tighter the net pulled around him.  The net became tighter and tighter.  After a while he got so tired that he stopped struggling and hoped that a friend would come along and help him.  He lay there all day in the boiling sun and got very hot and thirsty.  As evening came he heard a tiny noise and there sniffing along came the tiny mouse.

“Mr. Lion!  What are you doing in that net?” asked the mouse.


“Oh Mr. Mouse!  I am so glad to see you,” said the lion.  “A hunter set this trap in the path and I got caught in it.  I have lain here all day in the boiling sun.  Please run and find somebody to help me.”


“I remember you well,  Mr. Lion.  One day you caught me and wanted to eat me, but you were very, very kind and let me go.  Now it is my turn to help you.”


  “Help me?” asked the lion, very surprised.  “How can a tiny little mouse like you, get me out of this trap?” 


“Just wait patiently, and I will help you,” said the mouse.  Then the little mouse chewed and chewed and chewed and chewed  the net until the lion was free.


Moral :- One good turn deserves another.