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One day a hare met a tortoise slowly plodding along the road.


“What a slow coach you are!” laughed the hare.  “I’ve never seen an animal as slow as you!”


The tortoise took no notice of these rude remarks and just plodded on.  The hare then jeered, “You couldn’t catch me if you tried for a year!”


The tortoise then said, “I’ll race with you and show you what I can do!”  The hare laughed so much that he threw himself about holding his stomach at the tortoise’s challenge.  “Alright,” he said.  “If you want to race with me, I’ll take you on and show you how really fast a hare can run!  We can race to the big oak tree near the stream.”


“Right!” said the tortoise, and he slowly started plodding while the hare galloped away.  The hare was so confident that he thought to himself, “That silly old tortoise will take all day to get to the  oak tree.  I can just lie down and have a nice little rest before I go further.”  With that he lay down and went to sleep.


Meanwhile the tortoise didn’t stop for anything and just kept plodding on.  After a while he passed the hare sleeping beside the road.  He just kept on.


Later the hare woke up and remembered that he was in fact having a race. He leapt up and raced away at a great speed.  Only then did he see that the tortoise was already at the oak tree and had won the race.


Moral:- Sure and steady wins the race.