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One day a fox stole a chicken from the farmyard and he rushed home to cook it.  He removed the feathers and then put the chicken into his big pot.  Then he put onions, potatoes and other vegetables into the pot together with the chicken to make a stew.  Soon there was a delicious smell coming from the kitchen. 

Then a stork came by.  “What a delicious smell,” he said.  “What are you cooking?”  “I’m making chicken stew,” said the fox.  “Well it smells very good,” said the stork and he stood at the kitchen door. 

The fox was very, very hungry, and his stew was just ready to eat.  He did not want to share it with the stork but he felt that it was expected of him to give the stork some, so he thought of an unkind idea.

He served the stew on a flat plate, from which the stork found it difficult to eat while the fox soon lapped up most of the food.  The stork was very hungry and very disappointed.

As he left he invited the fox to dinner at his house the next day.  The stork had caught a fish and he made a delicious fish stew.  When the fox arrived he smelled the delicious stew and looked forward to the meal.  When the stew was cooked the stork served it in a tall narrow vase. 

Now the stork found it easy to eat the delicious food with his long beak, but the poor fox was not able to eat any and went home hungry.

Moral:- We should do to others as we would like them to do to us.