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One day a little field mouse was out looking for seeds to take home for his family to eat.  Then he looked up and there walking along the road towards him was his friend from the town.  “Hullo, my friend,” he said.  “I am so happy to see that you have come to visit me.  Let us go home where my wife will prepare a good meal for us.”


The two friends hurried along to the field mouse’s house.  There they were greeted by Mrs Field Mouse who soon had a meal on the table for them.  As was the usual meal for field mice, Mrs Mouse put a heap of dry maize, corn kernels and pumpkin seeds on each one’s plate.


Now the town mouse was used to eating soft food like bread, buns and cheese.  He looked at the seeds in front of him and chewed on one.  It was so hard.  “My friend,” he said, “you live like an ant, while in town I live where there is plenty of delicious food.  Come and live with me and I will share all that I have with you.”


So the two friends went off to town.  What sights did the field mouse see!  What a lot of food!  They were just settling down to a good meal when the door opened.  In a flash the town mouse got up and pulled the field mouse after him into a crack in the cupboard door.  When all was quiet again they crept out to continue with their meal.  Just then the door opened again and again they dived for cover.  The field mouse’s heart thumped with fear.  What a dangerous place this was, where his friend lived!


“Thank you dear friend for being so kind to me, but I would rather live on dry seeds in peace and quiet in my little house in the country than in your beautiful place, with plenty of food, but living  all the time in fear and trembling.”


Moral:- It is better to live a simple life in peace and happiness than to have everything that money can buy and live in constant fear.