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One day a farmer was walking home after a hard day’s work in the fields.  He saw something strange in the grass beside the road.  When he came nearer he saw that it was a huge eagle caught by its foot in a snare.  The farmer picked up a stick to beat the eagle over the head to kill it, but as he got nearer he saw how beautiful it was.  Its golden feathers shone in the sun.


“This bird has done me no harm,” he thought.  “Why should I kill such a beautiful creature?”  So he quickly grabbed the snare in his hand and lifted the eagle as high as he could so that its sharp claws could not scratch him.  Taking out a knife in his other hand he soon cut the cord that held the eagle.  The eagle flew up into the air so glad to be free and the man’s heart was happy to see the magnificent bird fly off into the sky.


A few weeks later the farmer was resting next to a stone wall.  The eagle was flying way up in the sky.  He noticed that the stones in the wall were loose.  The eagle swooped down and snatched the hat off the man’s head and dropped it again further down the road.  The man jumped up and ran to get his hat.   Just then there was the crash and the sound of falling rocks and the whole wall fell down.


“Thank you, beautiful eagle,” said the farmer.  “If you had not snatched my hat the wall would have fallen on top of me and I would have been killed.  I once saved you from a snare, and now you have saved me.  We will be friends for ever.”


Moral:- Do as you would be done by.