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One day a thirsty ant stopped to have a drink from the river.  Just then he lost his balance and fell into the water and was washed away.  A dove happened to be sitting in a tree nearby and saw what happened.  He quickly plucked a leaf off the tree and threw it down into the water next to the ant.  The ant was able to climb onto the leaf and was saved from drowning.


A while later a hunter came by with his trap.  He started setting up his trap to catch doves.  The ant knew what he was up to.  “How can I let this hunter catch the dove that saved my life?” he thought.  “I must do something!  But how can a little ant like me save my friend from a great big man?”   Then he had an idea.  He hurried across the path, climbed the man’s leg and then gave him a very sharp bite.  “Owwww!”, yelled the hunter and dropped his trap.  The dove flew off.  “Thank you, dear ant, for saving my life,” he called.  “I’ll never forget your kindness!”


Moral:- Do to others as you wish them to do to you.