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Booklets by Joyce Liggitt

For parents – Baha’i Parenting, 26 pages.

For young children – Tumi and Sam, 33 pages.

For older children – The Thunderstorm and Other Stories, 29 pages.

For older children and youth – The Story of Bahá’u’lláh, 90 pages.
For everybody – Founders of Faith – God’s Great Teachers, 29 pages.

PRICES include VAT. Add postage and packing.

Baha’i Parenting R5.26
Tumi and Sam R9.65
The Thunderstorm and Other Stories R10.96
The Story of Baha’u’llah R13.15
Founders of Faith  R 19.00
Available from:-

Baha’i Booksales

P.O.Box 932
Branbury Cross
2164, Souuth Africa
Tel. 0027 (0) 11801 3100