2. KRISHNA – about 3000 BC

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Krishna was probably born about 5,000 years ago in Northern India. We are told that His mother was the sister of the wicked King Kansa. During the wedding, King Kansa heard a heavenly voice telling him that one day his sister’s child would take his kingdom away from him. This made King Kansa so angry that he had both his sister and her husband put into prison. He planned to have the baby killed as soon as it was born. But God’s power is greater than any king and so it happened that while she was in the prison a baby boy was born to her soon after midnight. The prison seemed to be filled with light. Miraculously, His father was able to exchange Him with a baby girl who had just been born to a cowherd’s family. The baby Krishna was sent to be brought up by the cowherd and his wife in a village far away, where bad King Kansa was not able to find Him.

In this way Krishna was saved by God. He was to grow up to be the Divine Teacher to the people of India, who badly needed someone to guide them. Many stories are told of how Krishna taught the people and His Holy Book is called the Bhagavad Gita.


Activities. Draw the cowherd and his cows. Draw the poor hut they lived in.