7. JESUS — Year 1

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Moses had led the Israelites into the Promised Land and they lived there for very many years. A few people still listened to what Moses had taught them, but most people did not listen and did many bad things.
God knew it was time to send another Messenger. But first He sent someone to prepare the people to listen to His Messenger. This person was John the Baptist. God sent John to call the people. He was a tough, strong, man who wore rough clothes made from the wool of a camel. And he just ate what he could find in the wilderness, like locusts, berries and wild honey. He walked from place to place telling the people that many of them were doing bad things. They must be sorry and leave their bad ways. They must change into good people. If they said that they were truly sorry John would baptize them in the River Jordan as a sign their sins were washed away.
Then people asked John, “Are you the Messenger from God?” He said, “No! The Messenger is coming soon and He is so wonderful that I am not worthy to take His shoes off for Him.” Many, many people came to see John the Baptist and were baptized.
But the government and church of that country were afraid that the people were following after and listening to John. Some time later they put John in prison and later they killed him. They cut off his head. They thought that that could stop the Word of God, but no-one can stop God from sending His Message to His people.
One day, before John the Baptist was killed, Jesus came to the river and asked John to baptize Him. John said that he could not baptize Jesus because Jesus was not a sinner. It would be better if Jesus baptized John. But Jesus told John it was good just to do as He said, so John baptized Jesus.
When Jesus came out of the water He looked up and it seemed to Him as if the heavens opened and He saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and coming to Him. Then He heard the voice of God saying, “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased”.
This is when Jesus knew that God had chosen Him to be His Spiritual Teacher (Manifestation of God) and He must teach the people to love God and to obey His commandments.
Jesus left His peaceful life at home and went out to teach the people and heal those who were sick. He left His home and walked down the long dusty road to the Sea of Galilee. There He stayed day after day, teaching the people that they must do only what is good and stop doing bad things. The sick people came to Him and He healed them. The news about this wonderful Man spread all around and more and more people came to see and hear Him.
Now Jesus knew that He would need some special friends to help Him with His work. As He was walking along the seashore He saw two fishermen in their boat near the shore. He called out to them to come and follow Him. They brought their boat in straight away and followed Him. A little further along the shore He saw two fishermen in their boat, mending their nets and He called to them to come and follow Him and they did.
One day there was a big crowd of people who wanted to hear Jesus and He wanted them to be able to hear Him so He asked to be taken in a boat just a little way from the shore. They rowed Him out and there He stood in the boat and told the people that God wanted them to change to be good people.
When He had finished speaking He told the fishermen to put their net into the water. They said to Jesus, “We have fished all night and have caught nothing, but if You tell us to put our nets into the water now we will do it.” They let down their nets into the water and they were amazed to catch lots and lots of fish. The net was so heavy with fish that they called their friends in another boat to help them bring in the fish to the shore.
After that the four fishermen and eight others followed Jesus and helped Him teach the people. That is how Jesus started teaching as God had told Him to do.
Activity. Draw a dove descending through the clouds and colour the picture.