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There was once a little shepherd boy, who spent all day out in the fields looking after the sheep.  One day he thought he would have a little fun and started yelling, “Wolf! Wolf!” although he knew that there was no wolf around.


At the cry, all the men who were working in the fields nearby came running with their hoes and their sticks to drive off the bad wolf that was attacking the sheep.


When they got to the spot where the little shepherd boy was they found the sheep all grazing peacefully and the boy was laughing, and laughing.  “Ho, ho!” he laughed.  “It was only a joke!”


The men were cross with him and went back to their work.


A little while later the shepherd boy tried the trick again.  “Wolf!  Wolf!!” he yelled, although there was no wolf around.  The men who were working in the fields dropped everything and came running.  “Ho, ho!” laughed the boy.  “It was only a joke!”  The men were very cross and went back to their work.


A few days later, a real wolf came.  “Wolf! Wolf!” yelled the boy.  “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!!”, but the men said to each other, “There is that naughty boy trying to fool us again,” and they just went on with their work.


The wolf killed one sheep after another and would have killed the little boy too, if he hadn’t run away!


Moral:- Don’t lie or you won’t be believed when you do speak the truth.