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designed by Joyce Liggitt

These lessons teach moral values based on the teachings of the Bahai Faith. They start with the lesson followed by activities in three different degrees of difficulty. The Children’s Class teacher is thus able to select activities suitable to the abilities of the children. (A) activities are for pre-school children, (B) for children aged about 6 to 8, and (C) is for older children possibly aged between 9 and 11. Each lesson is complete in itself so the teacher is able to use them in any order.

For the lessons you will need:
Paper and photocopies as needed.
Ball points
Colours(wax crayons)
A pair of children’s paper cutting scissors
Bahá’í children’s stories, books, prayers, magazines to use if there is spare time.

Special materials for those activities that need them

A box or case to keep the material.

A bag to collect rubbish when the children clear up after their activities.

As with all Bahá’í activities the children/youth should be encouraged in good behaviour. There can be discussions from time to time to show how one person’s disruption can spoil activities for others. Some children might need to be told that behaviour that disturbs others will not be accepted, and if they do not stop they will be sent to sit apart from the others. Firmness at the beginning is often all that is needed. If bad behaviour is not stopped it can spread.