3. ABRAHAM – about 1800 BC

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Abraham lived long, long ago in a land called Ur. He had many sheep, cattle and camels and He had many servants to help Him look after all these flocks of animals. The people in Ur at that time, did not know about God. They worshipped the sun and the moon and the stars. But in His heart Abraham knew that the sun and the moon could not help them. He understood that the real God was someone we cannot see. God knew what was in Abraham’s heart.

One day God spoke to Abraham. He said, “Take your cattle and your sheep and your servants and go away to the land that I will show you.” Abraham told His father, so together they moved with all their people and all their animals. They moved from place to place, sleeping in their tents. They moved far, far away to the land of Canaan which was the land that God promised to give to Abraham and His family.

In those days there were lots of robbers along the roads so many people travelled together, so that they could help each other. Abraham and His family and His servants and all the sheep and cattle and camels were able to travel safely to the land of Canaan. There they built a stone altar and thanked God for looking after them and bringing them safely to the land which God had promised them.

Then one hot day when Abraham was resting in the shade of their tent, He looked up and saw three strangers coming. Politeness was very important for those people, especially when visitors came from far away. Abraham greeted the strangers and invited them to come and rest in the shade. To honour the guests the servants killed a calf and prepared it and Sarah took some flour and made some cakes and cooked them on the fire.

When all was ready Abraham served the food to the strangers. They sat around the big dish and ate together.

Now Abraham and Sarah had one big problem in their lives. Though God had promised Abraham that all the country around them would one day belong to Abraham and His children, they had no child.

When they had finished eating one of the strangers asked, “Where is your wife?” “She is in the tent,” said Abraham. Then the man told Abraham that one day Sarah would have a baby boy. It was then that Abraham guessed that God had sent some angels to visit them. When Sarah heard about the baby, she laughed. Some time later she did have a baby boy and they called him Isaac.


Activities. Draw a tent of the kind that Middle Eastern shepherds used as they camped with their sheep.