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When we have a disagreement with others we can usually sort it out by talking about it and helping each other to find a solution. (An answer)

Long, long ago, all the birds sang very loudly because they were so happy. Each bird thought his song was the best and each bird sang louder and louder. “Peeu, peeu! Ask father, ask father! Cark, cark! Twitter, twitter! Tweet, tweet! Warble, warble!” Oh, there was such a loud noise all day and all night! None of the birds could sleep! At last the sparrow and the cuckoo said, “We must do something about this!” “Yes, yes!” said the dove and the crow. “Let’s go and talk to the owl. He is very wise.” All the birds went along to the owl’s tree and found him sitting on a branch with his eyes closed. “Excuse me, Mr. Owl” said the sparrow, very politely. “May we talk to you?” Mr. Owl opened one eye but did not say anything. “Excuse me, Mr. Owl,” said the cuckoo. “We birds have a big problem. We have come to you because you are very wise.” “What is the problem?” asked the Owl. “This is the problem,” said the sparrow. “All the birds were very happy and we began to sing louder and louder. Now we are singing so loudly, day and night that we can’t get any sleep!” “Why don’t they just do what I do when I’m happy? I whisper “Hoo-hoo” and I don’t disturb anyone.” At that the birds sang their

own songs again. What a noise! “Stop! Stop!” said the Owl. “Now I know what the problem is. All the birds are very happy so they want to sing, but everything has its time and place. It’s fine to sing during the day when everyone is awake, but you must stop singing at night so the you can sleep. That is except for the nightjar and me. We sing at night but we sing so quietly that we don’t disturb anyone. Hoo-hoo.” So from that day to this most birds sing in the daytime, except for the owl and the nightjar, who sing very quietly at night.

Just as the birds sorted out their problem, God wants us to get together to solve our problems by talking things through and not by quarreling with anyone. God is with us all the time. He knows and understands our problems. He is sad when He sees us quarreling. He is happy when He sees us working or playing happily together.