8. MUHAMMAD – 622 AD

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About 600 years after Jesus, God saw that the people had forgotten the beautiful lessons that Jesus had taught them. When He looked at the world He saw that some people were very dirty and that they were lying and stealing and hurting each other. In some places they were fighting with swords and spears and knives. Many people were hurt and some men were killed which left their wives with no-one to look after them and their little children.

God saw that it was time to send a new Prophet to the land of Arabia. He chose a very good man whose name was Muhammad. Muhammad used to take trade goods across the desert on His camels. He visited many places to buy and sell his goods. He saw how bad many people were and that they didn’t know about God and instead they used to pray to images that they made out of wood. God told Muhammad to tell the people that no-one can see God but His signs are everywhere. They must pray to the One True God and not worship images.

The people just laughed at Muhammad and told Him to go away and leave them alone. But Muhammad kept on telling them that they must change their ways and worship the One True God.

One night when everyone was asleep Muhammad went into the place where the Arabs kept all their images. With an axe He chopped up all the wooden images. Then those fierce people wanted to kill Muhammad and He knew that He must go away. He decided to go to a town called Medina. It took Him two or three days to get there.

One evening He came to a cave and He went in. Now a spider lived in that cave and when

Muhammad had gone in, the spider made a big web right across the opening of the cave. When the men who wanted to kill Muhammad came there, they saw the spider’s web across the opening of the cave. They said to each other, “He cannot be in this cave because there is a spider’s web across the opening. We must look for Him somewhere else.” So they went away and that is how God used a spider to save Muhammad.

Muhammad taught the people in Medina about the One True God, and how God has sent His Messengers like Moses and Jesus to teach us. His followers became known as Muslims. He taught them to love and worship God. They must honour all the Messengers of God. They must welcome guests and share with them. If they promise to do something they must do it. They must always tell the truth. They must listen to God and pray to God every day. Muhammad promised that one day God would send another Messenger.

Activities. Draw a cave entrance with the spider’s web across it. (If possible show the children a picture of a spider’s web.)