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“Let the light of truth and honesty shine from your faces.” 7

An honest person is one who does not lie or cheat or steal. God expects us to be absolutely honest in all our actions. Honesty is usually about things that belong to people.

What do you think would be the honest thing to do in the following circumstances?

1. You see a pencil lying on the floor that no-one else has seen.

2. Mother gives you R10 to buy bread. The bread costs only R8.50. What would you do with the change?

3. There are sweets in a dish on the table. There is no-one else around. What would you do?

4. Father gives you 5 stickers to give to your friend. One of them is a beautiful one that you would like to have. What do you do?

5. You are playing a board game with your friend. He is not paying attention. You know that you could move your counter a few blocks forward to win, and he wouldn’t notice. What would a you do?

We know that God is with us all the time and knows all that we do. Listen to this Hidden Word from Baha’u’llah, “O Heedless Ones! Think not that the secrets of hearts are hidden, nay, know ye of a certainty that in clear characters they are engraved and openly manifest in the holy Presence.” 8

Some of the words are difficult. Clear characters means ‘clear letters’ – easy to read. Engraved means that it is ‘cut into stone or metal’. For example they engrave the winner’s name on a silver cup. The important idea is that it cannot be rubbed out. Openly manifest means ‘openly shown in God’s presence’.

In other words this means that God is with us always and knows everything that we do. We cannot keep secrets from God.

Think of some of the things people have to do to protect themselves from dishonest people.

If everyone in the world were honest can you think of what a wonderful place that would be?


“God loves me” pendants.

GROUP A (youngest children)

Use the supplied drawings for the little children. Cut the sheet in 4 and give one ‘heart’ to each child. Have them colour in the heart and repeat the words with them. Stick the heart onto thin card like that from a cereal box. Cut the hearts out for the children. Make a hole with a sharp point, maybe of a ballpoint pen. Give the children each a piece of string or coloured yarn (wool) to thread through the hole and hang around their necks.