6. BUDDHA – about 563 BC

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When God looks at the world and sees that the people are forgetting His Commandments He sends another Manifestation to teach us. One of these Messengers was named Buddha. He lived long, long ago in India. His father was a great King and they lived in a beautiful palace. In the palace there were hundreds of rooms and staircases, and the King had plenty of money. When he died he wanted his son, who later became known as Buddha, to be a great king in his place.

Now at that time many people were very wicked and they did many bad things, and God had to send someone to teach them. He chose Buddha. Buddha lived in the palace and He was a very good man who felt very sorry for the poor people who lived round about. He was kind and loved the people and He wanted to help them.

One day He knew that it was time to leave the palace. He took off his rich princely clothes and put on the rough clothes worn by the poor people. Then He simply left the palace. He set off walking along the paths of India just like a poor man. He didn’t mind leaving everything behind. He only wanted to do what God wanted Him to do.

After a long walk He came to a forest in which lived many dangerous animals, but He was not afraid as He knew that God was with Him. He walked and walked until He came to a grassy place in the middle of the forest. In this space grew a huge Bo-tree. He sat under the shade of the Bo-tree and while He was there God spoke to Him. God told Him what to say and what to do, and gave Him the strength to do it.

Many people came to listen to Buddha and He taught them. He taught them that they must not do things that make others unhappy or hurt them. That we should be generous to others, to always tell the truth, and not to be selfish. If things are difficult, we must not complain but just carry on with a smile. Buddha taught the people to think about all the many beautiful things that are in the world. He sent His followers throughout the country to teach the people. Today there are millions of Buddha’s followers throughout the world. They are called Buddhists.


Activities. Have the children draw the huge Bo-tree and the people sitting under it. Do not draw Buddha as it is not respectful to draw a Manifestation of God.



Bigger children can fill in the missing words:-

1. Buddha was a ……………………….

2. He …………………….. to God.

3. He left the ……………………….

4. He sat ……………………..the Bo-tree.

 palace        listened         under       prince