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One of the wonders of God’s creation is its amazing variety and all this variety works together to form the incredible world that God has made. Every creature has its place and special food. This story tells us what would happen if we all wanted the same food and how it was sorted out.


We usually buy peanuts in packets. Who has ever had peanuts in their shells? Have you ever seen peanuts growing? Peanuts grow on peanut plants and the clever peanut plants hide their nuts under the ground. People have to dig out the nuts, clean, shell and roast them before we eat them.

Now for the story of the ANIMALS AND THE PEANUTS

Long ago in a strange land all the animals ate peanuts. The elephants and the lions ate peanuts. The buck and the zebra ate peanuts. The hippos and the mice ate peanuts. What a great problem this caused! All the animals were trying to find peanuts and the big animals pushed the little animals out of the way. Some little animals crept in between the feet of the big animals to find a peanut here and there. All the animals were digging up the ground. All the animals tried to find peanuts and those animals that could not find peanuts were very, very hungry and some were starving. Now the owl who was very wise, was tired of eating peanuts, and now and then he

caught a mouse and ate that, and he found it delicious. One day he called all the animals together. “We can’t go on like this,” he said. “We’re all trying to eat the same food.. We’re digging up all the ground, everyone is hungry and everyone is fighting. If we carry on like this, this will be the end of us all.” “What shall we do?” asked the elephant. “What shall we do?” asked the lion. “What shall we do?” asked the mouse, and all the animals started talking at once. “Order! Order!” hooted the owl. “What we need is order in this land!” And so it was that each animal waited his turn to speak, and each animal chose what he wished to eat. They then quietly went away to find their food, and at last there was order in the land. Most animals chose to eat grass, leaves and fruit. Those like the owl, the lion and the hyaena who chose to eat other animals were very few and very often they ate old and sick animals, and so made room for healthy animals to take their place. And so it continues to this day.