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When there is danger it is very important to listen, do what we are told and help each other.

One night Karl and Sharon were woken by their father. “Wake up! Wake up!” he yelled as he shook them awake. “Here are your coats. Grab them and run out the back door as our neighbour’s house is on fire and it might spread here. Just do as I say and listen to your mother. She is by the back door.” The two children scrambled out of bed and grabbed their coats and ran to the back door. The whole area was bright with the light of the fire. There was lots of noise as people were shouting. Just then an excited man ran past. “Mrs Smit needs someone to help with the children,” he shouted. People were running this way and that and shouting to each other. Just then the fire engine arrived. “You two stand right where you are, out of the way, and I will get the Smit children,” said mother as she disappeared round the corner of the house. The two children were very scared. “What would happen to mother?” they thought. “What would happen to us?” They held hands and stood together where they were told to. In a short while mother was back again with the four Smit children. She was carrying the youngest in her arms. “All hold hands now,” she said. “Just stick together and follow me. We will go to Granny’s house, which is nearby, in the next road. There all the children will be safe.” Mother led the way and the children held hands and followed her. “Where’s Papa?” asked Sharon. “Don’t worry,” said mother. “He is helping to take the furniture from the house, but the fire has not spread as the fire engine came very quickly. It was very good that everyone helped. One person phoned the fire department as soon as he heard of the fire. Another neighbour called me to take care of the children. Other neighbours helped to get the furniture and goods out of the house. We all helped and so almost all the goods were saved and most important, no-one was hurt. How wonderful it is when we all work together. Without help the whole house and all the goods could have been burnt. We did as God says and helped each other.”