3. Flowers for Grandmother’s Birthday

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Making others happy makes us happy too.

It was Grandmother’s birthday and Linda and Wayne were very excited. In the afternoon they would be going to Grandmother’s house. In the morning they would go to the shop to buy something nice for Grandmother. “What shall we buy?” asked Linda. “Let us see what is in the shop,” said Wayne. “Meanwhile,” said mother, “Let us make some lovely birthday cards. Here is some paper and here are the felt-tip pens.” The children were soon busy making the cards. They folded the paper and each wrote “Happy birthday Granny,” on their card. They drew lots of flowers and hearts on the cards and carefully coloured them in. When they were finished with the front they opened the cards and wrote a loving message inside. “I love you Granny. With lots of love from – – – – – -“ and they wrote their names and lots more hearts. “Come,” said mother. “Are you ready to come to the shop?” “Yes,” said the children together as they hurried to finish tidying up after their card-making. Then they went with mother to the shop. First they looked at the scented soap and hand cream but they knew Grandmother had so much in her cupboard. What about handkerchiefs? But Grandmother had so many of those too. They looked at the sweets and the chocolates, but Grandmother cannot eat sweet things. Then they looked at the big cakes. “Grandmother cannot eat cakes,” said Linda. Then they saw the bunches of beautiful flowers. “Grandmother will love those,” said both children together.” “Right,” said mother. “We will buy the flowers for Grandmother, and the big cake too, because lots of people will come to say “happy birthday” to Grandmother and she will be pleased to make tea for all of us. She will be happy that we can enjoy the cake, even if she can’t eat any of it. And so they did.