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We never know when we might be needed to save someone in difficulties. The boys in this story were prepared.

One day three friends went down to the beach to ride on their surf-boards. They were strong swimmers and had just started learning how to be life-guards. They did not know all the things to do, but they did know that the sea is dangerous. They knew that they must watch out for each other. After they had been riding the waves for a long time they came out onto the sand as it was time to go home. Just then they noticed someone in difficulties in the sea. There were no life-guards to be seen. They must do something! They knew that they must work together as the person in trouble needed help. They quickly decided that one of them must call the NSRI (National Sea Rescue Institute) on his cell-phone while the other two would go out on their boards to try to bring the man in. As quick as quick the two boys dashed into the sea with their boards. They were soon paddling out to the man in trouble while their friend stayed on the beach waiting for the NSRI to come so that he could show them exactly where the man was.

Meanwhile the other two boys had reached the man. They put their surf-boards on either side of him so that he could hold on. Then they held the man firmly and paddled towards the shore. Just then the NSRI life-guards arrived at the beach. They ran into the water and helped bring the man onto the shore where they gave him artificial respiration, so that he could cough the water out of his lungs and start to breath again. “What a good thing you boys did! Well done! You made a plan and worked together and so you were able to rescue a grown man. We are very proud of you!” said the Life-Savers.

We too can do great things if we work together. God wants us to learn to work together and help each other.