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“O ye lovers of God! Be kind to all peoples.” 2
Today we are going to talk about kindness. Can you think of some kind thing someone did for you? How did it make you feel when someone is kind to you? Yes, it makes you feel happy.
Let us repeat the words in the quotation several times. Did ‘Abdul-Baha say just to be kind to some people? No, he said ‘all peoples’. But we also need to listen to these words from Baha’u’llah who said in the Hidden Words, “Treasure the companionship of the righteous and eschew all fellowship with the ungodly.” Companionship means friendship, righteous means good and eschew means to avoid so what does this mean? So in other words we are encouraged to have good, helpful friends and don’t spend time with unkind people. Sadly bad people can have a bad influence on us and so that is why we should keep away from them. We are kind to them, but we spend time with good friends who make others happy.
Now we are going to do some little skits about sad children and kind children. Find a partner so that you can act the skits together. The adult can take the part of the other child. One will be the sad child and one will be the kind child in the pair.
Here are some sad stories. Choose a story and then show how the sad thing happened, and how the kind person helped. (Take a few minutes, to discuss the skits before acting them.)
1. The lost pencil 2. The hurt knee 3. I can’t find my mother 4. He won’t be my friend
5. The bleeding nose 6. She won’t share 7. The burst balloon.
GROUP A (Young children)
Ask the children to draw and colour some big balloons to celebrate a happy day.
GROUP B (Older children)
Put these words into alphabetical order. They all have something to do with kindness. Go through the words asking the meaning of the words.
Then make another list of the same words putting them into order of number of letters. Write the shortest word at the top of your list and the longest at the bottom.
Kindness, compassion, goodness, mercy, consideration, charity, sympathy, love, friendship.
GROUP C (Oldest children)
Use the nine words above to complete the Kriss-Kross puzzle on the separate sheet of paper. Tip — the word ‘kindness’ will help you start and then be careful to count the squares that you need to fill in. Good luck!

2. Selections from the Writings of ‘Abdul-Baha, p. 244