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– adapted (with kind permission) from Brilliant Star, children’s magazine Nov/Dec 1989
There were once two brothers who loved each other dearly and were always together. The tall one was called Left Hand Bull and his short brother was called Little. They learned how to fish in the streams, to hunt the buffalo and the deer and to ride horses. Left Hand Bull became a very good hunter, and Little became very clever and could sing all the Indian songs and knew all the history of their people. When the troubles with the white people became worse the two brothers went in different directions taking all their families with them. This was a terrible time when there was no food to eat except for berries and the birds that they were able to shoot with their arrows. Many Indians became sick and many died as they wandered about in the wilderness trying to find a place of safety. Eventually most of the Indians gave up and went to the special places that they were shown by the government. Then many years after the brothers parted a scout came riding up to Little and said, “We have seen Left Hand Bull. He is alive! He is near by!” Straight away Little jumped on his horse and rode off to find Left Hand Bull. At the same time Left Hand Bull was riding to meet him. The two brothers met and jumped off their horses and hugged each other. Tears of happiness rolled down their cheeks. Now the two families were together again after so many years. They made a big fire and had a wonderful feast. Then when everyone had eaten Little stood up to make a speech. “Oh my Brother! We have mourned you for so many years. We thought you were dead. Now that the Great Spirit (God) has brought you back to us we are very happy. We are so happy to see you, but we are sad to see that things have not gone well with you. Your clothes are torn and your tents and blankets torn or lost. We have decided to give you all our things because we are so happy to see you alive.” Left Hand Bull’s heart was very happy, but what could he give his brother? They had nothing. “Oh Brother!” he said. “I am so glad to see you, but I have nothing, absolutely nothing to give. But what I will give you is my name! I was so proud of this name. From now on you will be Left Hand Bull and I will be Little,” and so it was. The big tall man was called Little from then on and his very short brother was called Left Hand Bull.