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“Be then content with My pleasure and thankful unto Me.” 17
What does thankful mean? Yes, it means that we want to say ‘thank you’ to someone. What would you like to thank your parents for? Should we thank God for our friends and teachers? There are so many things for which we need to thank God. He made us and gave us all the talents we have. He also sent all His Messengers to teach us all how to live together happily.
How do we show that we are thankful? Yes, we should always say ‘thank you’ to people who do things for us. We can also do kind and helpful things for them. This shows by our deeds that we are thankful.
We also need to thank God every day, for everything He has given to us. Now the puzzle is how do we show God as well as tell Him that we are thankful, when we cannot see Him? ‘Abdu’l-Baha told us that the best way to thank God is to love one another! He said that just saying ‘thank you’ is not enough. Our thanks must come from the heart. We must show that we really mean it. To show how thankful we are to God we must do good deeds. We must do what will please God. We must obey God. By doing this we show that we are truly thankful.
Here is a story about a boy who learnt kindness from a little cat.

Wayne was very lonely. He had no-one to play with. No friends lived nearby. What could he do? Just then a little cat came in through the window and jumped down onto the floor. “Shoo! Shoo!” said Wayne. It was then that Wayne could see that it was limping. “Ag, shame!” he said. “What is the problem?” He picked up the little cat and then he found that it had a sore on its foot. “Wait a bit. I know what I can do. I’ll put some ointment on it.” He carried the cat into the bathroom where he found the ointment and put some on the cat’s foot. The cat began to purr. It rubbed itself against his legs to say ‘thank you’. When the family had supper he fed the cat and when he went to bed it jumped up onto his bed and slept there all night. The next morning his mother said, “You know Wayne, that is not your cat and some people might be very worried to have lost their cat. You should go to see the new people who have moved in next door and ask if they know anyone who has lost a cat. Wayne picked up the little cat and went next door. He knocked on the door. Before he could ask if anyone had lost a cat, the little boy who answered called out, “Mommy, Mommy, here is someone with my cat!” He held out his hands to take the cat. He stroked it and hugged it. “I am so happy to have my cat back. I thought that he had run away and that I would never see him again.” Just then the mother came in. “Oh, thank you so much for finding our cat. A dog bit it and it ran away. I see that you have been very kind to him. You are welcome to come and play here. Thank you so much for finding him.”
Because Wayne was kind he is now welcome to play next door.
Colour the ‘Thank you God’ picture. Draw some more flowers and birds to make the picture very beautiful.