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It is important to listen to our parents, especially in times of danger.
Bob and Roxie lived in California. Their mother was a nurse and their father was a fireman. They lived in a town where they often had earth tremors. Their parents had taught the children that when there was a warning they must always listen and do as they were told. She told them that if they didn’t listen their lives could be in danger. In the town there was a hooter that sounded the alarm when people must leave their houses. The children knew that it was not safe to stay in the house as the roof or walls could fall in on them and this could cause them to break an arm or a leg or even be killed. Now one night the children’s parents shook them awake. “Wake up! Wake up! The hooter is sounding! There is an earthquake. Quickly put on this warm jacket and hurry up and leave the house.” The children were half asleep and tried to hurry as their parents said. Outside the house they found their friends and neighbours on the street too. Every now and then there was a frightening feeling that the earth was moving. Telephones were ringing. People were shouting. Children were crying. Mr and Mrs Wilson called to Mrs Hind next door “Please look after the children as we have been called to help in the town where lots of buildings have fallen down. Bob and Roxie, please listen to Auntie Hind and help her as much as you can.” That said, their parents rushed off. Auntie Hind said to the children. “You know that you two are the bigger children and you must listen to what I tell you. My husband has had to go and help at the hospital. I need you to help me with my three children. As the hooter is still sounding we will have to walk to the school playing field close by. You know that that is where we have to go if there is an earthquake. In the field we will all be safe. Bob — you take Peter’s hand. Roxie — you take Emily and I will carry the baby.” All the children listened, did what Auntie Hind said and walked to the school field. There were lots and lots of children there with some of the mothers and fathers. Somebody started praying, “Oh God! We are Thy children. Please help us.” Then everyone started singing hymns. After what seemed like a very long time it started getting light and the sun came up. The ground had stopped shaking and everyone began to feel better. Every now and then cell-phones would ring, “Are you OK? I’m so glad. Here in town it is terrible. The big hotel has collapsed and many people are injured and some have even been killed. We will be working here all day to help them. Helicopters are bringing people in from the capital city to help. Just stay where you are until the helpers with the blue jackets come to tell you what to do next. As your area was not badly affected, I’m sure you will soon be able to go home. Don’t forget to thank God for keeping you safe. I’ve been saying “Thank You” to God again and again.