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“Walk ye in the ways of the good pleasure of the Friend.” 16
It is important for us to be obedient to those who know more than we do. Our parents have the job to keep us safe from harm and so they tell us to be careful. They say, “Don’t touch the hot fire or you will get burnt.” “When you are bigger you can cut with that sharp knife.” Sometimes we do foolish things when we do not listen.
Now God, who has made the whole wonderful world, knows just what will harm us and what will make us happy. Sometimes we don’t understand why He tells us not to do certain things, but we should listen anyway, just because we know He is our Friend and He knows what is best for us.
Here is the story about a baby bird who did not listen.
A mother and father bird and their three babies lived in a nest high up in a tree. The parents had to go off to find food for their babies and leave them alone in the nest. When the babies were very little they were good and sat quietly in the nest waiting for their mother or father to come with the food. As the babies grew bigger they used to look out over the edge of the nest. Their parents warned them about the cat. “The cat looks very friendly but he eats little birds. Never listen to the cat and never go near the cat,” they warned. One day when the parents were away the cat came and sat under the tree. “I am so happy to see you,” said the cat. “Please come and play with me.” “Oh, no!” said the baby birds. “Our parents told us about you. You eat little birds!” “Oh, no!” said the cat. “I would never do that! You are my friends. Come and play with me.” “Oh, no!” said the baby birds. Then the cat began to cry. “I am so lonely,” he said. “I have no-one to play with.” The first and second baby birds said, “No never! Our parents told us about you. We will not come and play.” But the third little bird looked over the edge of the nest. “He is such a beautiful cat,” he said, “and he is crying because we will not go and play with him.” “Oh, please,” said the cat. “Please come and play with me.” With those words the third little bird jumped down from the nest to play with the cat. “Snap, snap!” The little bird was gone, and there was a smile on the face of the cat! Just then father and mother bird came back. “Shoo!” they shouted and chased the cat away. “Now we know why we must listen,” said the two little birds who were still in the nest.
Colour the picture
Act out the story of the three little birds. Who will be the parents? The children? The cat? Where will the nest be? Where will the cat stay?
16. Bahaú’llah, Hidden Words, Persian 43