10. LOVE

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“I loved thy creation, hence I created thee.” 12
We are so lucky to be who we are and to know that God loved creating us. “O Son of Man! I loved thy creation, hence I created thee.” Isn’t it wonderful that God made us because He loved us. God made us just as He wanted us to be. Although we may be a boy or a girl, black, brown or white, tall or short, that is what He wanted. We must be happy to be who we are and try to be the very best person we can be. Now say, “My name is . . . . . . , and God loves me.”
We feel God’s love when people love us and when we are kind and loving to other people. The more we love, the more we feel God’s love. His love comes to us through other people and through the wonderful world that God has made.
Here is a story about a loving little girl.
There was once a very poor girl named Rika who lived with her grandmother as both her mother and father had died. They were so poor that they often did not have enough food to eat and Grandmother could not buy new clothes for Rika. She was very sorry for herself. “No-one cares for me. No-one loves me,” she thought. She was very sad. Then one day an old lady who lived nearby said to Rika, “You know Rika, my back is very, very sore and I find it difficult to sweep my house. Will you come and sweep my house for me and I will give you a little money? Rika agreed to help the old woman. The old lady was so happy that Rika was helping her. She kept saying to Rika, “Thank you, thank you. You are helping me so much.” Everyday she said, “Thank you,” to Rika and Rika began to feel happy. The old lady was kind to her and grew to love her and Rika grew to love her too. All this love made Rika very happy although she was still poor. In winter when it was cold, she had to wear the same jersey with holes in it every day as she had no other. One cold day as she was walking down the road she met a little girl who was shivering with cold. She had on a thin little dress and no jersey. “Why are you crying,” asked Rika.. “I am so very cold,” said the little girl. “Where is your jersey?” asked Rika. “I haven’t got one,” said the little girl. “Well, take mine,” said Rika taking off her jersey with the big holes in it and giving it to the little girl. The little girl was so happy. “Thank you, thank you,” she cried, dancing round and round. This made Rika so happy that she started dancing round and round too. While they were laughing and dancing a lady came by. “What happy children,” she said. “What makes you so happy?” “We are sharing a jersey,” they said together.
“Well, you have made me so happy,” said the lady, “that I am going to buy you each a new jersey. Sharing and happiness make the world a happier place,” she said. So the girls went with her to buy the new jerseys and then the girls were very happy and the lady was very happy too!
Colour the picture of Rika and her new friend.
Play the ‘Love’ card game. Preparation. You will need at least 10 cards per player so copy the number of sheets of ‘cards’ accordingly. Cut out the cards. The winner of the game is the first person to get a set of L, O, V, E, and a HEART. Play:- Deal out 5 cards to each player and place the remainder face down on the table with one card turned face up to the left of the pile. After looking at his cards, the first player decides whether he should pick up the card which is face up on the discard pile, or the one turned face down. He then finishes his turn by discarding a card placing it face up on the discard pile. Then it is the turn of the player to his left. When a player has won (see above) the game can stop or it can continue until every player has a set of L, O, V, E and a HEART.
12. Bahá’u’lláh, Hidden Words, Arabic 4