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Long, long ago there was only one kind of fruit and that was the orange. The oranges were so delicious that an orange was hardly ripe before it was picked and eaten. People ate oranges, monkeys ate oranges, and even elephants ate oranges! The orange trees became very tired of having so many children, monkeys and elephants, climbing about and picking the fruit. Later there were no ripe oranges to be seen – only sour green oranges. Then the orange trees began to complain. “We are tired of all these children,” said one tree. “We are tired of all these monkeys,” said another tree. “We are tired of all these big elephants, pulling off all the oranges with their trunks,” said another tree. “What shall we do? Why do the children want our oranges?” asked another tree. “It is because they are so sweet,” said all the orange trees. “Then we must change them into sour oranges — lemons!” said one tree. “What a good idea . We’ll turn all our fruit into lemons!” said all the trees together. When next time the children came to pick oranges they were very surprised. “Oh how sour!” cried one child, and picked another lemon. “This one is sour too!” she said. “And this one, and this one!” cried all the children and the monkeys and the elephants, but they still kept picking the lemons. “We must think of another plan,” said the lemon trees. “I know said one lemon tree. “We need to grow thorns, and that will stop all the children and the animals from picking our fruit.” “What a good idea,” said all the lemon trees and they grew sharp thorns on their branches. And lemon trees have thorns to this day. Although some children and animals stopped picking the lemons, many still continued to pick them. “Oh, oh, what shall we do?” cried all the lemon trees. Now there were many other kinds of trees growing in the forest. “Why are you crying?” asked the forest trees. “You lemon trees are so popular!” “Oh, we are just so very, very tired,” said the lemon trees. “Why don’t you help us?” “I know,” said one friendly tree. “I can grow peaches on my branches,” it said. “And I can too, and I can too,” said many other trees. “I can grow bananas,” said another tree. “And I can too, and I can too,” said many other trees. “I can grow apples,” said another tree. “And so can I, and so can I,” said other trees. And so it was that many trees said that they would help to feed the children and the animals. “Look at all these wonderful different fruits,” cried the children. “Look at all these wonderful different fruits!” cried the monkeys and the elephants. And so today the trees all help to give us all the different kinds of fruit we need.
When we discuss and help each other things work out well.