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God sends His special Teachers or Prophets to the earth from time to time. They are very important because they can hear God, and They listen and do what God says. Their job is to teach the people how to live together and be happy and listen to God’s Word. There have been many of these Holy Teachers. We call Them Manifestations of God because ‘manifest’ means to show and they show us God. They have come at different times and in different places, but their job is always the same. It is to teach the people the best way to live. If people do not listen to the Word of God, and do not do what He says they will have many problems.
These are some of the Manifestations of God:-

Thousands of years ago God sent Krishna to the Indian people who live in India. Then He sent Abraham to the land of Canaan, and later Moses to teach the Jews who then lived in Egypt. Then God sent Zoroaster to teach the Assyrians. Buddha came to teach the people of Asia. A thousand years later God sent Jesus to teach the Jews who now lived in Palestine, and to teach the people in the nearby countries. His teachings are called Christian, and His Word spread around the world. Muhammad came to teach in Arabia and His Words have spread to many lands. Then God sent the two newest Teachers, first the Báb in 1844 and Bahá’u’lláh in 1863 to teach all the people in the world.

These two Messengers taught that there is only one God. It doesn’t matter what Name you give Him, there is only one God. They taught that every person is a child of God and He loves each one. God is happy when He sees His children helping each other and living happily together. He is very disappointed when He sees us doing bad things and quarrelling. Bad things make families unhappy. Bad people who lie and steal and hurt other people make us all very sad and make God sad. God sent His Messengers so that we can learn how to live happily. He expects us to listen to Them and in this way we will be happy, and our families will be happy. We must pray every day and we must help each other and be kind to each other.

Activities:- Draw and colour the signs of the Manifestations.