When we have problems we need to pray to God to help us and protect us, and then do the best we can to overcome them.

In the land of Canada it is warm in summer but it is very, very cold in winter. The weather gets colder and colder and snow falls from the sky covering everything under a very thick blanket of snow. The gardens are covered in snow. The roofs are covered in snow and the trees are covered in snow. If people get lost in the snow they can die from the cold.

Mary and her family lived in a small village in Canada. The village was so small that there was no school for the few children to attend. They had to be boarders in the bigger village of Sitka. They had to go there by a little plane and they had to stay there for the whole term. The children stayed as boarders with families in Sitka. When she was old enough to go to school Mary was sad to leave her mother and father, but the people in Sitka who looked after her were very kind and she soon felt at home. The family in Sitka consisted of a mother and father and two children. There was a little boy and his sister Edna who was Mary’s age. Mary and Edna became good friends and always walked to school and back home together. One night there was a great snow storm. The wind howled and the doors and windows shook and rattled. Everyone was very frightened. Auntie Ann called the children. "Come. We need to say prayers to ask God to protect us." They all sat quietly while each one in turn said, "Is there any Remover of difficulties?" When the storm seemed a little quieter, Auntie Ann told the children to go back to their warm beds and they were so tired that they were soon fast asleep. In the morning they found that the snow was still falling and everything was covered in deep snow. "How are we going to get to school?" asked Mary. "There is no school when the snow is as thick as this," said Edna. "You can’t even get out of the door. Look out of the window. The snow is right up to the window sill." Mary looked out. She could hardly believe her eyes. All she could see was white. White snow covered the floor of the porch. The garden was covered in white snow, and so was the road and the roofs of the houses. There was snow everywhere and it was so quiet! "We will have to stay indoors all day today," said Edna. "This snow is so deep that it would be dangerous to go out in it. We might sink down into a ditch and no-one would know that we were there! The snow would bury us and we would die of cold.!" "How terrible!" said Mary. "What will happen now?" "Later today, men will come with shovels and dig a path to the door. Then Dad can get out of the house and help them. It might take a few days before the snow is cleared from the roads." "What about food?" asked Mary. "Well, my Mom always has plenty of food in the house in winter, just in case we get snowed in. We will be alright!" And sure enough God heard their prayers and protected them.