When Bella forgave Eva for the naughty thing she did, both girls felt happier and were able to be friends again.

Bella’s Auntie came to visit and she brought her a beautiful new doll. Bella spent a happy afternoon playing with her new doll. Later she got tired of playing by herself and so she called to her mother, "I’m just going next door to show my new doll to Eva." Then she went next door. "Look Eva." she said. "Look at this doll that my Auntie has just brought me from Cape Town." Now Eva was very sad as she did not have many toys and she did not have a beautiful doll like Bella’s. "Look how beautiful it is," said Bella, holding up the new doll. Suddenly Eva got very jealous and grabbed the doll and pulled off its arms. "Look your doll is not beautiful any more!" said Eva. Bella started crying, picked up her doll and its arms and ran off back home. She was so sad. "Look Mama! Look what Eva has done to my doll! She has broken it!" "Oh, dear!" said mother. "Bring it here for me to see. Look Bella. The arms can be snapped back in and it will be alright. Perhaps Eva was very unhappy to see your new doll because has so few toys. What she did was unkind, so perhaps you should just play with the new doll in our house." The next morning Eva came to the gate. "I’m sorry I broke your doll yesterday. I did wrong. Sorry!" Bella still felt unhappy about her doll but she loved playing with Eva, so she walked towards the gate. "My mother fixed it," she said and she also remembered what her mother had said. "We must forgive others when they are sorry because we sometimes do wrong things too." "I’m sorry! I’m sorry!" said Eva. "I will never break your things again." Slowly Bella walked to the gate and opened it. "Alright, I forgive you. You can come in and play with me." The two girls then walked into the house and soon they were playing happily together.