When we are courteous we are showing respect for another person. This makes everyone happy.

Vusi and Tembo were boys who lived on the same street. They often walked back from school together. One day as they were walking home they met Mrs. Manda who also lived on that street. They greeted each other. Then Mrs Manda said, "We have just got a very interesting video about football. Would you boys like to come and see it?" Vusi didn’t say anything and just kicked the dust with his foot. Tembo said, "Thank you. I would love to watch it, but I cannot come today as I promised my mother that as soon as I got back from school, I would go to the shop for her to buy some things she needed." Shortly after Mrs. Manda arrived home she heard a voice outside. "Hey!" and when she went to the door she found Vusi standing there. "I want to see the video," he said. Mrs Manda was surprised by his bad manners, that he did not even greet her, but she invited him in. She switched on the TV. Vusi sat watching, wriggling on his chair. When the video was finished, Mrs Manda brought in some juice and some biscuits. Vusi drank the juice and ate a few biscuits. Then he took a handful of biscuits and stuffed them in his pocket! "I must go," he said and he opened the door and disappeared down the road. The next day Mr. and Mrs Manda heard a knock at the door. Mr Manda opened the door. There was Tembo standing outside. "Good afternoon," he said shaking hands with Mr. Manda. "Can I now see the video that Mrs Manda was talking about or would it be better if I came another time?" "It would be fine if you come now. We have just finished working in the vegetable garden and have come in to have a cup of tea. Take a seat," he said, pointing to one of the chairs while he switched on the TV and put in a video. Tembo sat quietly watching until the end of the programme. Then he stood up. "Thank you for letting me watch the programme. I enjoyed it very much." "We are glad you enjoyed it," said Mrs. Manda. "Would you like some juice?" "Yes, please," said Tembo, "but I can’t stay long as my mother expects me at home." After enjoying the juice and biscuits he rose to go. "Thank you very much," he said. "Here are some biscuits to take home for your little sister," said Mrs. Manda. Mr. Manda said, "We were so happy to have you here." "We are getting another video on one of the other games next week, and we will be happy if you visit us again and watch it." With that Mr. Manda opened the door. "Thank you again" said Tembo as he walked out the door and he looked forward to another football video soon.